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Did you sell on the superbowl?


Superbowl just passed, and if you did not increase your sales selling online that day, you have to take a deeper look into selling online.

Just like Black Friday, or any similar event, Superbowl experienced a drastic increase in online activity due to the pandemic. 

People were very keen on participating in parties and events at bars or large venues in previous years. 

However, since 2020 football fans have gone towards more low-key home gatherings with family and friends. 

According to the NRF estimations, 86 percent of viewers planned to make purchases to help celebrate the occasion. And they planned to spend $74.55 on average per person, for a total of $13.9 billion nationwide.

Those statistics show that there is an enormous opportunity out there for on-demand food delivery, as well as other eCommerce websites, including clothing and electronics. The key is to be prepared by having all the suitable systems in place.

This includes a well-functioning online delivery application and a visually appealing website that will draw customers to your platform among all the competitors.


What should you keep in mind before launch? 

Implementation of the right software 

Let's start with the basics. First, you will need excellent software to meet all of your needs and expectations as a brand. 

Suppose you are looking to sell food or drinks. In that case, the essential feature is an exceptional delivery tracking app that will work equally well with the big competitors like Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

Additionally, a significant feature that you should consider is the customization of your platforms. Have a website and an online ordering application that will represent your brand in all visual and content aspects.


Get to know your customer niche better.

Superbowl does not happen every day, and you should take advantage of the generated traffic to get you to know your customers better at these events.

Gathering data on your customer's spending patterns and demographics will help you further improve your platforms and make them compatible with your target audience. 

Additionally, gathering data during busy times allows you to reevaluate your current operations and find out how to make them more efficient. 

For example, we introduce new payment methods or shorten the ordering process. 


Launch limited-time offers 

Superbowl is an excellent chance for you to launch limited-time offers, such as product combos and discounts. It is a great way to encourage new visitors to buy directly with your website or an ordering app rather than third-party competitors. 

When choosing a software provider, make sure that you can make the most out of the marketing campaign and that the software supports it—for example, promotional banners and personalized sign-in pages for the members. 


Shine among your competitors with a reliable delivery 

With so many orders happening simultaneously, it is crucial to stand out with an exceptional delivery application and an order management system that will outshine your competition. 

Similar to Black Friday and other popular events, customers' biggest source of complaints is that their order was missed, misinterpreted, or not delivered at all. 

To avoid that, especially if you're new on the market, invest in a very well-functioning order management system. A reliable method will allow you to monitor every step of the way from receiving the order, through processing, all the way to the point of delivery

In addition to having an excellent order management system, you should also pick software that allows you to receive constant notifications throughout the process. 

This is particularly important if you are in the food delivery business. With so many orders happening all at once, your customers want to be sure that they will receive what has been ordered on time for the game. 

Many of the most popular delivery chains do not take any more orders during the peak hours of the Superbowl, as they cannot fulfill every order. This is a great opportunity for new startups to take over and gain extra traffic. 


Are you ready to sell? 

Do not wait to bring your vision to life! After the big day, you still have some time to try out software providers, like Ordering

You can check out their live demos and sign up for a free trial period to make your final decision before the games. Not only that, but you can also count on the fact that everything will be set up in less than a week, so you can start selling nearly immediately. 

This is a perfect option if you want to customize your features and implement a very clean and easy-to-navigate delivery application. Surprise your customers with great visuals, as well as a speedy and reliable delivery.


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