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Delivery for Food Franchises/ The technology necessary for it

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Are you thinking about becoming independent and launching your food delivery platform for your franchise? Look no further! 

This article will go over some essential features to look out for when choosing a technology provider for your ordering/delivery website and application. It can be challenging to list necessary features when you are just starting or are not too familiar with tech.

However, there are many excellent platforms for enterprises, such as Ordering, that can assist you in a very case-oriented manner.


What are some of the most influential features to consider when looking for a tech provider for a food franchise? 


An efficient and aesthetic delivery application 

The efficient delivery application is the number one technology that should be implemented when starting the on-demand online food delivery for a franchise. 

The main pain point that the customer wants to avoid at all costs is a slow ordering process. It includes the actual loading speed of the platform and the number of steps that the customer is required to go through before the final point of sale.

Keep in mind that the customers want to go through a few steps as possible when ordering their food. The easiness of the ordering process is a perfect indicator when choosing a software provider. As a franchise, you should look for platforms that provide a speedy and efficient ordering process and reliable servers, such as Amazon Web Services.


Customization of features 

The look and feel of the application are what is going to distinguish the franchise from small restaurants and intermediary platforms. One of the essential features that a franchise should consider when selecting a software provider is the possibility of customization of the delivery website and application

The customer journey of a food franchise revolves around multisensory experiences, including visuals, smell, distinctive appearance of products, and recognizable color scheme and interior design of every location. It's essential to consider those elements when designing a food ordering platform.

The technology used to do so should be customizable and give the franchise the ability to implement their photos, videos, colors, and unique offer banners. 

A customizable software is limited to the visual aspect of an application or a website and includes tailored payment options, notifications, and, most importantly, menu options. All these factors contribute to the brand identity and should be taken seriously when implementing technology.  


Real-time tracking 

Another technological aspect that is crucial for a franchise to remain competitive with third-party platforms already well-established on the market is having an outstanding use of go location and real-time tracking. The features should include:

● A detailed map.

Real-time driver tracking.

● Frequent push notifications that inform both the customer and the administrator of the platform on the current operations. 

Push notifications will maintain engagement throughout the purchasing and ordering process and increase the reliability and trustworthiness of the platform in the customer's eyes. This technological feature is a must when going independent in the online food ordering industry. 


Customer service 

Even though customer service is not directly linked to the technology itself, it should be considered very important. As a franchise, you will be dealing with many orders simultaneously, meaning that if something goes wrong, you will need to take immediate action. 

The nature of the restaurant industry is that everything happens in real-time, and any disturbances in the production and delivery must be reported and solved immediately. Having a software provider available to you at all times and can solve any issues with your application or delivery technology is something to pay close attention to when choosing a provider. 

Companies such as Ordering provide very reliable customer service by assigning an enterprise specialist who is there to guide you at all times. They offer many online resources such as the Ordering University and a support website that shows you step-by-step through every feature and any possible struggles that you might encounter.

Knowing your system very well will benefit you in the long run, as you will be able to take full advantage of it and provide excellent service to your customers. 


Order management system 

Another technological aspect of an ordering platform for a food franchise taken into consideration is an exceptional and detailed order management system. This will save a lot of time and money by avoiding over stalking and having too much inventory and making sure that not a single order or delivery is missed. 

If you are a food franchise that is just starting and would like to increase direct orders and become more independent of the third-party platforms, definitely check out the Ordering platform. Their enterprise expert team can get you started in less than a week.