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Create an Android App without Coding with a few Simple Steps

by Ordering, on May 4, 2018 7:36:06 AM


It's a thing of the past to need expert coding skills or a lot of cash to hire someone who can create an app for your business. Creating your Android app has never been simpler with the tools that are available today. The software available offers the tools required for your app to be ready within 24 hours all within a budget cost.

The process of creating an app has changed dramatically in such a short period. With e-commerce app builders you can customize, change images, colors, and add extensions without the need for coding. Creating an app adds value to your business allowing customers to view what you have to offer comfortable and purchase easily, using simple input methods and drag and drop plans for your images.


Without too many clicks or design knowledge, your app can be up and be running in no time. And, prices are minimal compared to that of a coding specialist. You can offer your customers a professional, exciting new app to enhance your business while enjoying a significant return on investment. The step-by-step software enables you to create an Android app without coding. Submit content such as a title, description, eye-catching images, contact details, opening times, and any other relevant information quickly; drag and drop to customize.
Once all the relevant information is inputted, you can continue to the next step where you can enter information such as pricing. Menus/products/services can all be integrated when creating your new app with ordering system software. It's simple, but if you don't quite get the hang of it, you can call on support too. Set payment methods, delivery zones and payment information. Everything is available in one place allowing you to create your app while merely integrating everything you need such as your logo.
After all, your app should be built around your brand, and your logo should be displayed distinctively. With modern technology, you can create an Android app without coding providing everything necessary for your customers and your business for running smoothly. You can integrate your app with other services you use, with a huge list to choose from. You can collect data from customers using your app to keep track of customer interactions and order history. Please note you will be required to comply with UK and EU data protection legislation when collecting customer data.
Push messages can be used to prompt the customer to revisit your app - these would usually offer discounts or notifications of what's new. With the drag and drop interface, building an app has never been simpler. Unlike the early days of apps, you can now create a useful app simply and without a hefty bill. Stay connected with your customers using push messages. Interact with them and give them a favorite app that allows them to see what your business has to offer. You can more or less make your app look how you want it to, but do have support available if you need it guidance. With the tools available you can create an app for your business in no time enhance your business and your customers’ experience

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