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Benefits of using Progressive Web Apps

Benefits-of-using-Progressive-Web-Apps-minIf you are currently in the process of launching a start-up and looking into developing an ordering application, this article is for you! 

There is a lot of information out there when it comes to choosing the right software and application type for your business. However, Native Apps for IOS and Android are not the only way to go. 

Recently, Progressive Web Applications seem to be hitting the spot when it comes to usability, functionality, and ease of navigation. They are particularly popular among startups, due to their simplicity and cost-effectiveness. 

What exactly is a Progressive Web App? To put it in simple terms, a PWA is a type of application software, which is delivered through the web. In terms of its appearance, functionality, and performance it is quite similar to a Native App

However, it is developed using web technologies such as Javascript, HTML, CSS, and others. It can be described as a hybrid between a website and a mobile application. 


What are the benefits of using PWAs? 

Native experience 

Opinions are divided when it comes to the user preferences between mobile apps and web browser apps. However, mobile applications seem to have better usability and be generally more popular. 

The benefit of PWA is that it looks and feels like a Native application, but still maintains the website performance. 

PWAs and Native apps are similar in terms of the user experience and have a similar interface, creating an easy-to-navigate and visually pleasing experience. 

This is a really good choice for start-ups who would like to experiment with features and do not want to invest a lot of time and money into developing a final version of their application. 



PWAs are also very cost-effective to build. They are simple and do not require developing advanced code like other applications. 

They allow the same build to work on multiple operating systems and platforms. Therefore, developers only need a single line of code in order to make it work, which makes PWAs a lot faster to build. 

This solution works perfectly with startups who are not entirely sure of what features to include just yet, and still want to test things out. 


Accessibility Offline 

This feature definitely cannot be missed. PWAs are excellent when it comes to accessibility offline. Even when the network is poor or does not work at all, users still have access to their latest session. 

Of course, the application updates as soon as it is connected again. However, the user can still access it and use its features without having to be connected to the internet. Spotify is a great example of how a PWA is still fully functioning offline.

The user can easily navigate different tabs and listen to the previously saved songs without having any network connection, for example, while being on a plane. 


Increased Conversion

If you are a brand new start-up, making its way up on the market, your main goal is probably to reach as much traffic and conversion rates on your website as possible. 

PWAs increase your chances of getting to a larger scope of customers, due to their accessibility and performance on every browser. PWAs are not as limited as IOS and Android Apps and are also able to be accessed directly through the browser, without the necessity of a full download. 


Light and simple 

Forget about not having enough storage space on your phone, and having to delete one app in order to download another. 

PWAs are accessible using URLs and do not require to be fully downloaded to a device, in order to be accessed. In addition, PWAs also take up very little space, even when downloaded to the home screen. 

They can take up as little as 250 kb, in comparison to very heavy IOS applications. A good example of a company that uses PWAs is Starbucks. 

They have effectively reduced their application size by 99% and went from 148MB to only 233kb in size, after converting from a regular IOS download to a Progressive Web App. 


Wrapping up

Are you ready to give your business idea a go? PWAs are definitely worth looking into if you are looking for a simple software solution for your application. 

PWAs are not only cost and time-effective but also suitable for every browser. They do not take up much space on any device and their installation process is very fast and simple. In terms of performance, they are comparable to a Native application and are very visually appealing and easy to navigate. 

PWAs also work offline and when the connection is poor, which highly increases their convenience when traveling or browsing in a remote location. 

Regardless of which technology you use for your application, the first step is finding a suitable software provider. 

Companies such as Ordering offer a vast variety of options that will perfectly suit your company. Whether you are a fan of PWAs or something a little more complex, such as a Native App, Ordering is able to fully customize its technology to meet your needs. 


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