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Benefits of Delivery Apps for Drivers

by Ordering, on May 8, 2018 8:03:31 AM

Delivery apps have introduced a lot of changes in the industry with considerable benefits to delivery drivers and their customers. The use of delivery apps is on the increase. Increase productivity within your delivery team and enhance the customers experience with updates throughput their order. Acquiring orders and completing the delivery can be a daunting task to organize.
However, it’s one that can be simplified with today's technology. Deciding whether to use delivery apps for drivers is one that you can consider by reviewing the benefits it can bring to your business, your drivers, and your customers:
You will see an increase in productivity within your team. A delivery app means your team can identify the next order and accept it or reject it with the touch of a button. Orders are sent to the driver using on-screen push notifications. New orders are sent through push notifications which will reduce downtime where the driver would otherwise have had to make contact for the next order.
Details will conveniently be displayed on-screen, and the driver notified with a notification sound. Drivers can be updated with new orders at the soonest opportunity. Customer details and location can be easily viewed at the driver's convenience. Drivers can then accept orders that are on route to reduce the time the customer is waiting for their order and to reduce fuel costs for your business. You can integrate map services to view the location of the delivery on your map. This is invaluable allowing the driver to see the route at the touch of a button. This feature enables your drivers to select the best path to get the customer's order there as fast as possible.
Customers are informed of updates throughout the process of their delivery, so there is no more waiting around wondering when it will arrive.
Delivery apps for drivers give your team more control to manage more than one delivery at a time. They can accept and reject orders, meaning they can work more productively and take orders on a route. The whole delivery process is simplified and completed much more efficiently. The use of an e-commerce apps builder means it’s simple to create delivery apps for drivers without knowledge of coding. You don't need to be a developer, and you don't need to spend a fortune on hiring one either. It's just a case of selecting what you need.
No waiting around for your app as it will be ready within 24 hours, allowing you to get up and running with your multi-platform app in no time. Delivery apps simplify day-to-day tasks for drivers and will allow them to increase productivity. Customers aren't left waiting for any longer than needed and will receive updates throughout the order process. Delivery apps mean you can get the best out of your team every day, and they can enjoy the benefits of taking orders in a sensible way en-route. You have the opportunity to increase employee and customer satisfaction by giving your delivery team a technologically current chance to perform well.

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