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ChowNow Vs. Ordering

Ordering is a simple & perfect ChowNow alternative. Here's why you should consider switching.

ChowNow has been an excellent software company for years, and we admire the work that ChowNow has done as the technology provider for online ordering for restaurants. ChowNow has done a great job with the POS technology they have an excellent user experience they provide when sending their new customers to the on-boarding phase.
Unluckily like other things in life, there is no perfect software, and there are many reasons why ChowNow is not perfect, and that is precisely why we want to present you an alternative to ChowNow.
So, we want to make the decision as easy as possible, so we’ve put together some info that’ll help you decide which option is best for you.
Below, you'll find information to help you compare Ordering and ChowNow, including features, customer experiences, pricing and thoughts from current Ordering clients who have made the switch.
We hope this helps & proves to be beneficial for your business.

 The best website, easy to use & user-friendly than ChowNow.

Ordering provides you with the best user experience as recorded till now, it's that easy & you can place your order in seconds, as compared to ChowNow, it has got flexible search by your location, which helps you get access to all related store near you. Thus, contributes to making you place an order faster. Ordering platform is designed just to make your users feel comfortable when ordering.

The smartest ordering platform, which will make your business boost more traffic

Ordering has got many new & compelling new features that help your online users to place an order with ease and in no time. It provides your users the choose the type of service they need from one platform, without searching for anywhere else, as within ordering platform, you are getting the scope to create unlimited varieties of online business starting from Restaurant, Groceries, Flower store, Supermarket, wine, laundry and much more. Not only this, it helps you enable search business by zipcodes & auto address as per your user's location, which contributes to doing an inflexible ordering for your customers. Thus helps you to get more traffic & online sales.


The best ordering experience using ordering native mobile apps for iOS & Android (Advanced App)

It is very common now that people want to order with their mobile phones and tablets. Not only on a simple mobile website but with a real native App. What does this mean? That means they can download an App from the Google Play store or the App Store.
Now online ordering has become more flexible and smoother for your users with ordering native apps. This app has your brand and the looks of your business. Your customers will see your brand every time they see their smartphone´s screen or tablet´s screen. This has positive effects on your business image. Apart from that, it gives you a guaranteed efficient order in no time. As well as it helps your business to manage like an expert; without getting stressed in handling & managing your online stores by its business & delivery app, a better app, than ChowNow.
Also, people prefer ordering with native Apps because the speed and usability are better. If you want to have a real alternative to ChowNow ordering.co is your best option.
Here are the apps that you can get using ordering:
Ordering app: Users app, which proves to be a useful & user handy way of placing an order in no time, using their smartphones, Only your users have to download the app, and get the best use of it on placing an order when needed. It also helps your users to save your users details and card details, including a variety of latest features in it, than ChowNow.
Business app: Business app, it will help you manage your business & orders efficiently within few clicks. This app helps your business owners to accept/reject orders efficiently & to assign an order to any driver for its delivery. Moreover, any business owner can change or update any item he/she has the app, instead of logging in to the web dashboard to do the same. By this, it saves a owners time when an urgent update is required. Hence, it is much better app than what ChowNow have now!Business-App


Delivery app:  Proven to be as the best delivery app for our existing user, and I'm sure it will be the same for your business as well. About its features, It helps you to manage your business deliveries smoother than ever and helps your driver to get the exact location of your customer to deliver the order on time. It helps your driver to track the exact location on the map. As well as allow a driver to get all details about any users location including the number to contact directly with the customer. It also allows a driver to show the distance from the business to the user's location on a map within a marked line on the map, which helps a driver to get the exact location of the customer efficiently. Apart from the above-stated features it also has many other features to cherish its benefits. Which as compared to ChowNow, they do have it yet.

Ordering Bot:  A new concept created and introduced by ordering only, it will give your online users the exact guide to proceed to place an order with ease, using your online website or from your apps. Our ordering bot works as a live chat agent, who guided & helps you to place an order within seconds, without having any difficulties and confusion. As per market records, this is the only app that is being introduced now by ordering only, and in that case of ChowNow, they don't have it as of yet. So, it adds a plus point for you to get Ordering.Co, as this is the only company that provides & introduced you to a new work of its latest tech each day!

Ordering web BOT

Ordering Editor: It is to help your business, to make changes for their business from the front-end website, instead of doing that from the back-end( dashboard). It merely reduces your time at the time of any emergencies, and provide you the flexibility to move fast with the changes required with ease.

ordering editor

 The best hosting on AWS, free for the lifetime with orders

Ordering, renders you to get a lifetime FREE hosting on AWS(Amazon Web Server), which is now the leading server provider in today's market. It allows your website to go smoothly even with a massive online traffic, without slowing. It assures you with full safety & secured running your site.


Flexible pricing packages & plans, as per your size.

Ordering provides you with a broad range of packages to choose as per your needs & budget, you are free to get a custom package your business. Ordering gives you the chance to create your own online business at a minimum cost of 29USD per month (As per your business type & size). Apart from this, it has got a great after sales customer services, for any problems you face, and it assures you to get it fixed in less than 24 hours.


Technical service, bug fixes and tutorials - preferred by all main restaurants.

Service is always an essential factor if you want to use the software in the long term. In this case, as an alternative to ChowNow, we recommend you to use the technical service of Ordering.co. The benefit of using the support service of Ordering. Co is that is that is free. The questions and problems usually get solved in less than 24 hours. There are live chat agents available to answer sales questions, and there is an excellent help portal where you can find all tutorials explanations you need to use the software.


 Free business consulting & custom development support

Ordering not only provides you with the best ordering platform for your business, but also it helps you to boost your business development by his big business consulting, free consulting on need, and that is being given personally by one of their founders. Ordering helps you to achieve what & how you want your business to be presented as is, with its in-house development center, where you can get the best assistance within cheaper price quote for any development you need with lifetime guarant


Ordering builder access, innovation established by ordering

It's a great new concept help & created by ordering itself, who will help you to make any coding changes for the website as well as on your mobile apps that easy without touching the codes. Using builder, you can add images on your site & for apps, add your business logo, make any CSS changes for your website & apps, etc. The main advantage of using builder is to have everything within the grip of your hand, not only this; you don't have to be an IT expert to handle the website.


Delivery dashboard like Bringg.com

Another unique feature creation by ordering. Which, makes your delivery management easier than before. As my delivery panel, you can manage, assign and track your delivery agents live on a map, like what we can see on Bringg.com, but as compared to bring, its way to better & efficient regarding managing your drivers like an expert, with ease.



Option to have single business mobile ordering app

Ordering helps you to get each of your business with a separate app with their brand, logo & apps icon for ordering. Which makes each of your business a great new way to expand faster on the web, and thus helps your to get more & more online sales. Ordering single business app has its more added advantages like reaching to the targeted audiences who like to place an order from a particular store without searching for many at a time. It reduces your user's search time. Helps you to concentrate your users on the store without being diverted to others similar business to get a service and much more.


Latest features & updates

As compared to ChowNow, the order provides you with many new and innovative features that no one can bring into any ordering online script ever. They keep on adding more new features each day, to provide & make your business more stringer from your competitors. The main advantage of choosing to order is that they provide you regular updates of the new features added to the system, as well as give you the proper & best guidance. To boost your business to reach success, even more, faster than any other website/online ordering companies.


Get a custom design for your ordering website & Apps. Looking unique is very important.

When building the image of your restaurant, it is important that your design looks clean, user-friendly and unique. The design of your online ordering site & ordering mobile Apps have to match your market segment and brand. For example, if you an Italian restaurant and your location is a classy location your ordering website & ordering App should give your users the same experience. ChowNow does not offer you the options to change the layout completely.ordering.co is an alternative to ChowNow because ordering.co provides a custom design service which provides the implementation of your specific wishes for your new template.


Latest Innovations and new features, which other restaurants software provider don't have!

When If you want to keep one step ahead of all other market competitors, then you have to innovate in your service too. The fact that you offer online ordering system is not everything, if you want to surprise your customers or to have conversion rates then you have to bring something new to your services.

One great idea for doing this is the Ordering Bot which lets your customers order with a chat interface. You can use this Ordering Bot on your existing website, mobile phone, and tablet. We are sure this is something that ChowNow cannot offer as an alternative.


Ordering.co integration with Zapier.com.

Zapier is a handy web application that can help you connect with more than seven hundred and fifty Apps. Ordering.co is already integrated, and that is why you have a huge advantage that when using ChowNow.
One example of the power of this integration is the fact that you can notify your customers with a text message once the order is placed. This can be done with the integration ordering.co + Zapier + Twilio. You can get let Twilio call your customer and confirm with a phone call. That is awesome!
Another excellent use of Zapier is the integration with Trello.com. Trello.com is an excellent tool for project management. With this integration you let your orders get sent a Trello board and organize your orders from there.
Also, an excellent integration in combination with Zapier is the Google Sheets integration. With this integration, you can update your product names and prices without any problem.

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"We hope this comparison guide was useful"

As we've now presented some of the main reasons why ordering.co is the best alternative to ChowNow. We recommend you to go to www.ordering.co and chat any of the agents who are online, so they can assist you further or use this contact form to get more information or you can get in touch with us, using the form below, to get help in less than seconds"