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A complete guide on how to develop a D2C Pharmacy Business

A complete guide on how to develop a D2C Pharmacy Business-min

Are you thinking of launching a new D2C business, but you’re not too sure what kind of industry to get into? 

The D2C online pharmacy business is more prominent than ever. Since 2020, many people relied solely on online medicine delivery, since they were at a very high risk of getting infected.

This includes social groups, such as the elderly, people with disabilities or low immunity. During the pandemic, going to an actual pharmacy and waiting in line was not an option for many, and the online pharmacy industry skyrocketed. 

This trend, however, is definitely here to stay. Many startups are currently building their online pharmacy platforms that do only focus on selling products, but also provide a full experience for the customer.

Including a medical record, prescription refills, and a personalized chat with a professional. Some good examples are platforms such as Capsule or PharmEasy.  

Are you thinking of getting into the pharmacy business yourself? In this article, we are going to go over some of the tools that you are going to need in order to start out your D2C Pharmacy journey.

Firstly, we are going to talk about the logistics, and what technology are you going to need to successfully build an online ordering platform


What tools do you need in order to start a D2C Pharmacy Business? 


Excellent application usability  

When looking into starting an online pharmacy, the first thing that you will need is an excellent software provider, which is going to meet all of your company’s requirements.

Mobile usability is the number one element that should be taken into consideration when starting out an on-demand online delivery of any kind.  


User Database 

If you want to excel as an online pharmacy, a very important thing to consider is having an integrated user database.

When it comes to starting a business in the medical industry, safety is the number one priority.

One of the features that should be taken into consideration is an exceptional order management system that records previous purchases and collects user information. Having a detailed database will allow you to track previous prescriptions of patients,  and make sure that they are verified by a doctor.  


Access to certified professionals 

One of the main customer experience gaps in online pharmacies is the fact that they cannot access a certified professional pharmacist immediately when they're looking for advice.

Most online pharmacies do not offer immediate contact, or only provide access to the website administrator, not an actual pharmacist. 

Having the feature of a direct chat and video call with a certified medical professional will make your D2C pharmacy stand out among competitors.

This can include WhatsApp or social media integrations, and a personal tab with a photo, explaining who the contact person is.

When choosing a software provider for your D2C business, make sure that their program offers a variety of integration options and customization, to fully represent your brand visually. 


Inventory Management 

Another safety aspect to be taken into consideration when opening an online on-demand pharmacy is the right inventory management.

Since you are dealing with medicine, it is of high importance to monitor every single sale and expiration date of your products.

If you are collaborating with stationary pharmacies, your order management system should be well integrated and synced with the pharmacy’s in-store system. 


Delivery tracking 

When it comes to medication delivery, time is essential. Customers using online platforms for prescription refills, really value the reliability of delivery.

A feature that is primarily important when starting an online pharmacy is real-time tracking and push notifications.

A customer who wants to have their prescription delivered on time definitely needs to be involved in the process, and know when to expect their order at their doorstep.

Push notifications also help to relieve the stress that comes with waiting for a prescription and making sure that the patient is going to receive it just when they need it, without any delays. 


Easy payment 

Another aspect that is very important for the performance of the D2C pharmacy business is the opportunity to use several payment methods. Nowadays, customers really value the ability to pay quickly and effortlessly and have numerous options to choose from for their convenience. 


Visually pleasant interface 

The visual, and branding aspect is also very significant when it comes to the online pharmacy business.

Most people who order medicine do not necessarily associate it with a pleasant experience.

However, when developing your own D2C platform, you have plenty of opportunities to make it look warm and inviting, and create a feeling of trust in the user.

In this case, colors, photos, and simplicity are key in order to make the platform look legitimate and professional, but at the same time have a fun, and modern twist. 

If you are wondering where to start, do not hesitate to contact a software provider like Ordering today!

The team will be happy to assist you at any time and guide you through the package options that are most appropriate for an online Pharmacy.