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6 must-have digital assets for your business


It’s a world full of netizens and you need to be ‘technologically armed’ with every possible digital asset to drive sales and increase customer engagement. The importance of digital property or assets is gaining grounds and many businesses have already played their aces to enhance their business a notch higher. These are the 6 major digital assets that you should have to outrun others in this fiercely competitive market. 


1. Single business app:

The importance of a single business app is taken very seriously by a lot of entrepreneurs to build customer loyalty and online visibility. If your business calls for order and delivery then owning an app is the need of the hour. An App is a great way to communicate with your consumers without any hassle. Your customers can view your features, place their order, accept or reject new orders while you can confirm their order, send them notifications and complete the entire pick-up and delivery. You can now easily create your own customized app online and upload it on the Apple store and Google Play.

2. Any device-optimized website: 

There is a section of consumers who might not upload your app. They will look out for your website and you must make sure it’s fully responsive that will work on any device. Here also the visitors should be able to place their order and you should be able to confirm it and complete the delivery process. Create your own fully customizable website without any coding here.

3. An engaging landing page: 
For effective online advertising, an engaging landing page is imperative. Landing page optimization, also known as conversion rate optimization is an online marketing system devised exclusively with the objective of increasing the number of leads or prospective clients. Make sure your landing page clearly focuses on the USP’s of your business instead of beating around the bush. Also, do not forget to mention about the promotional offers and exclusive deals if there’s any. These leads will be very useful for further remarketing or lead nurturing processes.

4. Your own Analytics account: 
An analytics account is highly recommendable if you wish to keep a tab of all your online visitors. This works as your Key Performance Indicator (KPI) where you can assess your website or app’s performance based on the number of visitors and bounce rates. This will help you improvise on the web pages accordingly. Free Online tools like Google Analytics, Twitalyzer, Facebook insights etc. will help you every step of the way.

5. Social networking accounts: 

By now you must’ve understood that social media is one of the most powerful platforms to influence your potential buyers. Facebook tops the list, followed by Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. Make the best use of it by building your brand value either by publishing paid posts with engaging content or you can even do it for free with relevant hashtags and good contacts.

6. Audio-visual content: 
Visual content is trending everywhere. So be it a Slideshare on LinkedIn or a promotional video on your website, a compelling audio-visual content can also work wonders for your business. Of course, the videos must have high user value to make them understand your brand better.